About five minutes drive north of Bluefield, WV is the town of Princeton, WV, which has had a fairly long history of bottling starting in 1906 with the Princeton Bottling & Ice Works, and including such interesting strange birds such as the Princeton Motors Company which included a bottling department at the back of their garage in 1914. This history would continue with the Chero-Cola Bottling Company in the early 1920抯, and finally the longest lasting company, H. P. Hunnicutts?Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company which lasted from 1939 until 2004, and is still distributing the brand as of this writing.

Princeton Bottling & Ice Works

Princeton Motors Company

Princeton Bottling Works / Crystal Bottling Works

Chero-Cola Bottling Company 1923-1932

Princeton Bottling Company 1932-1934

Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company 1938-present

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