I have long wondered why Pocahontas with its long history of bottling would have a gap between the bottling company of F. P. Cummings which seems to have ended sometime around 1900, and the Kwass Bottling Company which appears to have been started around 1912. I have found that there isn抰 a gap at all, due to the recently discovered Magic Bottling Works. The first mention of this company I have found was in The Bottler抯 Helper which was compiled in 1906, and published in 1907 by the Blumenthal Extract Company.(2)

The next mention I have found was in the Third Annual Report of the Dairy and Food Commissioner of Virginia which covered the range from March 1910 to March 1911.(1) According to the 1908 Sanborn map there is only one bottling company in Pocahontas during that year and it was located at 619 East St. Clair Street. There is a bottler at this address on the 1913, and 1923 map as well, and is vacant in 1930. I suspect that this company may have been purchased by either the G&L Bottling Company, or the Pocahontas Bottling Works which started in 1919, but I have no proof of this; however, I can find no source that mentions this company past 1911. I have yet to find a bottle from this company; however, I expect there is a possibility that this company would have a Hutchinson stopper bottle, and a crown top bottle as well.

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(1) Quarterly Report of the Dairy and Food Commissioner of Virginia

(2) The Bottler抯 Helper publiched by The Blumenthal Extract Company